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Everybody has his own dream to study in the best colleges and schools so just to increase my knowledge about these institutes i was going through the QS World university rankings 2013 so what i found was that there was not a single indian pharmacy institute in the list of 200 colleges , i was a bit surprised ,so i started to search the appropriate reasons for this . Many things came to my mind which i think I must share.

What is the current status of education system ?
we indians are too much proud of our education system but my question is that, is this is the same system we are proud of ? I mean to say have a look no wonders there are hundreds of pharmacy colleges all over india but most of them are either lacking facilities , few don't have faculties and most of them don't have students . There are numerous problems in the education system . If I present the data in the current year nearly half of colleges which offers m.pharm have not even half of their seats filled . 
other than this if we come to the syllabus it contain all old techniques and topics . why don't the authorities revise the syllabus regularly 
Major problems of education system
There are numerous problems in our education system i can't discuss all of them but i can point out major ones 
School (first step towards profession) 
The major drawback in our schooling system is that it only teaches the students to become doctors ,engineers ,I.A.S  . just answer one question how many of you have been asked that if you want to be a pharmacist ? 
My school never told me who prepares medicine .I always knew that there was something called penicillin but never knew that Alexander Fleming was a pharmacologist i always thought that he was a doctor

why very few persons know that pharmacy is also a profession
I can not find an appropriate reason for this till now I mean to say why there is lack of promotion in this field ? why pharma people work as a secret organization . why childrens are not motivated to become pharmacist ? 
I was failed to qualify pre medical exams thats why i joined pharmacy  
you will hear this from most of the indian pharmacy students.
No involvement of practical studies
The focus is alway on the theory marks i ask them that when we will be asked to prepare P.C.M in production unit then weather we have to write the synthesis of P.C.M on a piece of paper and then put it into the system and system will automatically start the production of P.C.M or we have to follow the experimental and practical steps and mark my words you will get more marks if you write synthesis than if you actually prepared it.
No industrial training by the system 
there is no involvement of industrial training to pharmacy graduate and i was bit surprise that the training is not even provided to post graduate students

I am doing M.pharm ...... so you want to become a teacher 
every m.pharma graduate faces this comment when he tells other that he is going to study M.pharm thats why a majority of graduate don't opt for m.pharm
due to this saying i think many of our research students are working in marketing division and many marketing experts became teachers 
Now even you can opt for m.pharma as distance education
its totally a joke on system that many colleges does not even consider the university norms for attendance .I got a call from an institute offering me m.pharma and saying that no need to attend college just come to attend exam if you want to .
No involvement of technology in teaching 
there is zero % involvement of smart teaching the reason for this is that nearly 90% of teaching staff knows how to open a facebook account but don't know how to connect projectors to there laptops or how to search a topic on google.
No exam to become a teacher 
Anybody can be a teacher its very easy . why there are teachers who don't even know that there is a vaccine for polio .

Loads of not necessary things in syllabus 
I met one student of up board he was too much proud of marks he got in his exams  even though marks were not as good as mine i asked him why are you saying that your marks are more than me? it surprised me what he answered he said my book are thicker than yours my syllabus is more than yours ...... i asked why is your syllabus so lengthy he said becoz we learn each and every thing and believe me the syllabus he told me was so old that even its traces are not in this era
so the point is why is there a need to increase syllabus ? why can't we focus on new things ?

The examination pattern
the pattern of exams always alarmed me I mean to say in b.pharm we have five units per subjects and to pass the exams we only have to prepare three of them and if want to score more just add one more unit
why can't we have exams per single unit it will help student to focus on all units effectively
Very less no of government institute
i don't know why there are lesser no of government institutes if it can open new AIIMS and IITs why government is not focusing on involvement of government pharmacy institutes

so as I stated to tell you about worlds top pharmacy institutes here is the list of top five rest you can click the link provided in very beginning 
Harvard University
University of Oxford
University of Cambridge
Karolinska Institute
The University of Manchester

I always wanted that there must be at least two indian colleges in worlds top colleges list . so these were my views regarding the system i am sure that there may be questions , suggestions and feedbacks regarding the post so please do let me know about them by your valuable comments 

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