Sunday, 29 September 2013


As always I was in a Hess what to write in my next post and was sitting with a pen in my hand and copy on my desk my brother came to me and asked me to watch the new shinchan movie with him my answer was same get lost I want to write a post and you do not know how difficult is this and he said that's why i am asking you to come and watch the movie because right now you do not know what to write and after the movie you will get your idea ........ well it really worked I got an idea what to right next........ so here i am with my new post

it is always the word which fascinated all of us everybody thinks about it but nobody knows what is going to happen
Future of diseases
we can classify the centuries from past in terms of disease for eg plague in 14,18 and 19th century likewise there are many more so what would be future diseases in my view these can be the future diseases

Obesity It may be one of the major problems in future because of changing lifestyle technology made it all simple but we became slaves for new techs. if we talk about data the no of obese persons in country has been increased by 5% 
%age of obesity in different states of India
As the graph shows obesity is increasing and i am sure that this will be the major disease in future which will widely affect every one of us 

Tension nearly 40% of young generation is affected by this right now and tension is increasing day by day we got jobs we are placed but still there is competition to face how to earn more how to learn more I mean that we are so much involved in this that many of us forgot how to laugh and now they are taking laughter therapy to learn it again
stress is only due to our lifestyle change your way of living you are out of it

Diabetes now a days diabetes is said to be a wealthy mans disease because number of upper middles class persons involved with the disease but it is also affecting the middle class society and there is a sudden boom in the number of affected individuals 
this must be common  one of my fathers friend was recently diagnosed with diabetes as i visited to him I asked Uncle you are a doctor how can you be a diabetic ,he replied no worry even america has 30% of its population diabetic ...... this is what came to my mind Are we in a race to america so that we can achieve a level higher than them in diabetes  .

Sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS There is very little difference between open mind and mischief mind and this little difference has affected as up-to a large extent in last few years  the cases of AIDS has increased and the STDs are also on the same way .

Respiratory diseases  The data for respiratory disease shocked me  as this disease is increasing day by day and there is not only one reason pollution ,smoking and many more to count 

Malnutrition As I said the number of obese persons is increasing and at the same time no of malnutrition's is also increasing the reason is increasing population India is the second largest country with population and seventh with land but still 40 % of its population is poor and like the same way many African countries are also affected .

Alcoholism and Drugs addiction many times we get confuse alcohol and drugs as the solution to our problems but these things lead us to other problems..

Nature has balanced every thing that is every thing is connected to each other when a rich eats more than his need ,he eats the share of a poor man ,in this case the rich man become obese and poor is malnutrition 
Social networking has made it all easy to meet new people but to meet new people we have to cover our self with a screen so that we can show what the other person like ........ we usually meet at Facebook not in real 
It is good to be open minded but any thing more than enough is bad 
A government is one who works for the people who can not walk ,not for providing vehicles to them who are running fast  

alcohol is not a status symbol

We are the field that deals with every aspect of drug from discovery to sales but this never mean that we want a society which totally depends on drugs always remember Drugs were developed to correct the system no drug was developed to be employed in system we are totally dependent on the drugs we even need drugs to sleep ..... this is because we do not believe in our own system a slight headache is cured by drug although you can get rid of it from a little rest
The problem that i fell is most dangerous for all of us is now a days we are developing resistance to many of drugs it is only because doctors are mindlessly prescribing drugs of higher efficacy and dose to the normal persons which is causing drug resistance and this may be the most dangerous face of future .........

so these were my views of course I did not suggested ways to get over these problems because i am still working on them may be you can find them in my next post and i am sure that there may be suggestions and questions so please do mention them in the comment box i will be glad to reply them

Thursday, 26 September 2013


A few days ago I noticed a comment on one of my blog post asking me how to start our own marketing company so here i am with a complete guidance and suggestions for persons who want to start there own marketing firm 
As for the post I conducted an interview with Mr Rajesh Mohaan Khera who is the owner of AREHK Healthcare pvt limited and asked the questions regarding topic

He is the owner of AREHK Healthcare pvt Limited Agra. He has worked in past for wockhardt, after that he decided to start his own firm well I got a chance to meet him first time in 2009 and from then he kept me inspiring and i know there are many more for whom he is an idol ........ so lets find out what he want to share.....

Q: What is your basic qualification ?
Ans : I am a Bsc graduate.

Q: What is your previous work profile ? 
Ans: I worked for wockhardt for about 10 years as a medical representative in delhi .

Q: How did you came to the idea of starting a pharma company ?
Ans : well I think everybody who is working in marketing field once in his whole life thinks about starting a company.

so lets see what he answered  for the question how to start your own pharmaceutical company

sir actuly my readers want to know how to start there own marketing company so plz guide us about the process

Q:  what is the minimum qualification required to start a company ?
Ans:  anybody can start a company no qualification required

Q: what are the types of companies that we can start ?
Ans: basically three types Private , Partnership and proprietorship

Q: What is the first step to start a company ?
Ans: Make a decision and after that plan every thing ,do as much research as you can.

Q: what is the minimum amount that is required to start a company ?
Ans : The minimum amount required to start a company is about 10 to 15 lakh indian rupees

Q: Starting a company needs paperwork sir plz tell us what legal documents are required ?
Ans : Before starting a company you should must have a proper Drug licence and sales tax license /no

Q: where can we get these licence ?
Ans :  you can get these license from respected office or you can also apply for the online 

Q: sir are there any space requirements for company ?
Ans : yes you should must have an office and a proper storage area

Q: What is the minimum inventory required ?
Ans : It totally depends upon how much area you want to cover for sales for example If you want to sell your formulations in one or two city inventory requirement is less and as you increase the number of cites inventory increases.

Q: Well as we are discussing about inventory so plz can you tell us what is the minimum no of formulations that a person should start with ?
Ans: you should must have more than 10 products in your firm

Q: I heard somewhere that you can start a company with only 2 formulations in market ? what do you say ?
Ans: well i will say that it is not possible  just tell what will you show the doctor when he will ask for your product list .......  products will never make you confident you should must have at least 10 products

Q: Where to get the products for the company ?
Ans: you can either ask a company to manufacture your products or you can have your own production unit

Q: sir how to decide that what type of products I should start with ?
Ans: well this totally depend upon the area where you want to start the company . you should must research what type of products are popular in the market and you should must focus on them and you should must start with otc products first

Q: what is total number of staff required ?
Ans: depends upon the size of company and on you

Q: What is the minimum qualification for staff ?
Ans : should must be graduate

Q: what is your mantra to be successful in Pharma marketing ?
Ans: Hard Work and you should must know what you want to do

Q: what are your suggestions for our readers who want to start their own company ?
Ans: Before starting a company you should must be focused on what you want to do and I suggest that do as much research as you can and it will be to take a experience of pharma marketing before starting the company

It is hard to earn success and it is more difficult to maintain it if you want to be in the filed you should must come with your mind prepared to do this.............. I want to say thanks to Rajesh uncle to providing me his valuable time and also want to say thanks to Parth khera who came forward to help me without any questions
well there may be questions in your minds also so don't put them down ask them in the comment box and suggestions are most welcomed

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Cafeen is helpful to a healthy liver

Your morning cup of tea or coffee may be doing more than just perking you up before work. increased caffeine intake may reduce fatty liver in people with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

 caffeine stimulates the metabolization of lipids stored in liver cells and decreased the fatty liver of mice that were fed a high-fat diet. These findings suggest that consuming the equivalent caffeine intake of four cups of coffee or tea a day may be beneficial in preventing and protecting against the progression of NAFLD in humans.

Mechanism of Action

caffeine and, in particular, the main substance it is broken down into, paraxanthine, may slow down the progression of liver fibrosis, alcoholic cirrhosis and liver cancer. However, other studies do not find an association with tea, which suggests that the mechanism of action might not be dependent solely on caffeine (via paraxanthine).

Coffee and tea are so commonly consumed and the notion that they may be therapeutic, especially since they have a reputation for being "bad" for health, is especially enlightening.
The team said this research could lead to the development of caffeine-like drugs that do not have the usual side effects related to caffeine, but retain its therapeutic effects on the liver. It could serve as a starting point for studies on the full benefits of caffeine and related therapeutics in humans.

Saturday, 21 September 2013


What is pharma marketing ? I will not go very deep just simple definition marketing strategies for the sale of pharma product .lots of companies are involved with the field but the question arise is how it is different with traditional marketing .answer is simple traditional marketing is work directly with its consumer but pharma marketing work for the patient VIA Doctor 
Is a person who generate the sales from the doctors by giving them information about the drugs.well I interviewed one of my seniors a few days back regarding the job of a medical representative i wanted the to do the interview becoz he recently switched his job from marketing to banking. so i am here with interview
Prashant maurya
He is a graduate of Pharmacy from Rajiv academy for pharmacy and has worked in the field of marketing for about 2 yrs ,he recently switched his field from pharma to banking and is currently employed at Union Bank of India

Q : Who is medical representative 
Ans : a med rep is a person employed only to promote the products and to ensure the selling of the same
As i wanted to know the reason why he switched the job so this is what i asked
Q : many times it is said that there is no time limit for working of a medical rep.
Ans : This is wrong saying theoretically but as per job requirement yes it is true
Q : Pharma Marketing is the best way to earn a handsome amount with in a short span of time what are your views 
Ans : yes it is true ...... as ensuring the target completion give you very handsome amount of incentive and in some time even you enjoy the exemption of income tax also .
Q: Now a days even a person with a degree of B.Tech is also applying for the job of medical representative . what are your views ?
Ans: True ... but it is not only the lure of money but even there is a wide scope in this field but with this there
 are challenges also ...... in case of b tech holders the freshers are usually applying and in those case they opt it only to earn as soon as possible only after compilation of degree ...... they find it difficult in there field so they opt it....
Q : sir is it ethical to give this job to a non medical professional as humans are directly involved in the field
Ans: yes it is becoz the job profile support to them also any person having good communication skills and better selling can perform the job smoothly ... and in many cases you find that they perform much better duties
Q: recently you change your filed from pharma to a banker what do you say about this ? what led you to go for it ? 
Ans: in my case many factors came across me ... my family was not supporting for this job profile .... in my personal view i did not find it suiting with my work nature... may vary from person to person .... and even job security matters .... some of my elders also suggested me for my other option and i followed them and at this time i am happy with my job ...

I found my reason why he left the job

Well i was never agree with the statement but lets  find out this with another interview
Amresh Singh 
He is also graduate from Rajiv academy for pharmacy and is working in marketing field from last 1 year in delhi, and has achieved a height of success with in a short span of time.
Q: who is a medical representative 
Ans : He is a person who are hired by a medical company to promote their products to doctors and also at chemist n stockiest level.... his /her work is to generate the Rx of their products
Q: what is the staring salary 
Ans : It differ from company to company and person to person..... every company have their own norms regarding salary and they offer it according to experience and knowledge of person .
Q: How much growth do you see in the job
Ans : In the pharma field growth is sure .... it depends on your working style and hard working. It does not matter how you work ,only matters how you accomplish your target .. either it comes from ethical way or from any other source..... complete your target and get promoted.
Q: What are major drawbacks of the field 
Ans: there are so many
lots of pressure
no support by upper bodies to achieve target and many more
Q: Many times it is said Marketing is not a respectable job what are your views ?
Ans: sometimes I also feel this ... in the beginning i also thought of this It also depends on the behaviour of the person to whom you are contacting depend upon how a retailer responses u , how a stockist ,RBM , ABM , ZBM and other teammates behave with you , how doctor  responses ur call and how other staff behaves to you ......if these conditions are favourable with you it creates a +ve atmosphere and thus make you happy
Q : Is it true that there is no time limit in marketing
Ans : yeah it is true ...... you have to complete the work your are assigned at any time ... If you are going to field at 9am and your work is complete at 3 pm you can go home but if your is not completed even till 9 pm you can't go home you have to stay and complete your work
Q: marketing is good for big cities only and is not successful in small areas ?
Ans : This is not so true .... actually the matter is that ,that in big cities there is much more growth and opportunities but in small cities scope is little bit limited as every big company starts its business in big cities but cities you have to be more alert about your target becoz SAVDHANI HATI DURGATNA GHATI koi aur company aapki galti ka fayda utha sakti hai 
Q: where do you see yourself in future 
Ans: it depend upon dedication ..... if I work hard my future will be as brightest star
Q: what do you suggest to students who are opting for Pharmacy marketing
Ans : my suggestion is that this is a good field where you can prove yourself  .this field need your hard work dedication ... patience mind  , be positive and focus on your target ....earn incentives.... foreign trips  ... never feel extra pressure bt always remember one thing nvr make false commitments to any one..

well i think that this post will help the students who want to opt for marketing and also boost the moral of them who are already in marketing .... and stay tuned to pharma blog for more updates on other job fields .... and please must comment if you have any suggestion and comments /queries

Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Every country has its own list of drugs the list is used to manage those drugs which are used in the country but even after the presence of the list in india there are many drugs which are still used in country even when the whole world is aware about their harmful effects and what that worries me the most is that some of these drugs are also available over the counter so here I present you the list :
It is the commonly used in cold and cough medicines in india and in us it was used to treat obesity well there it was found that the drug also tend to increase risk of hemorrhagic stroke (stroke due to bleed in brain) as well as it also has the potential to worsen psychiatric problems . Though the dose used in cough and cold medicines is lower than that used in obesity, people buying the medication especially over the counter should be made aware of these adverse effects.
Metamizole is banned in some some countries becoz it has serious effect on the bone marrow due to which production of wbc is affected adversely .Analgin it self is not banned in india but its combination is however banned.
it is belong to the same class of analgin and it is also a pain killer it also cause bone marrow depression and is banned in many other countries. its combination with any other drug is banned in india .
it is the most easily available drug in india few it is banned in many countries every one knows how serious it is for liver but it is still used in india especially in rural areas .
it is the drug that increase gut motility and is used to treat constipation and acidity but it may cause arrhythmia if used in higher dose and its combination with other drugs is also dangerous .
it is drug used to treat diarrhea it is used either alone or with a combination of other drugs  and it is banned in other countries ecoz it may cause cancer as it belongs to the class of drugs which can cause cancer .i was a bit surprised when i found that it is even used in the government supply drugs.
it is a cholesterol lowering drug similar to atorvastatin It was withdrawn since it caused several cases of rhabdomyolysis (damage to muscles) following which patients suffer from kidney failure. Unfortunately, it is still available in India
Phenolphthalein is a stimulant purgative. It produced cancers when tested in mice as well as damage to genes. Hence it has been banned in some countries.
Quinodochlor is an amoebicidal drug effective against diarrhea caused by amoebae.  It caused a serious side effect called subacute myelo – optic neuropathy, initially seen in Japanese, a condition that caused nerve damage and loss of sight.
Tegaserod is a drug that is used to treat patients with irritable bowel syndrome with predominantly constipation. It was withdrawn from the market since patients taking this drug showed increased incidence of heart attack and stroke
Thioridazine is an antipsychotic drug. It causes adverse effects like arrhythmia (abnormal heart rhythm), eye damage, and a condition called neuroleptic malignant syndrome
Pergolide is a drug used for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. It has been withdrawn from some countries since it causes damage to heart valves

These are the drugs which should must be taken into consideration by the government and if you like the list plz must share it with your friends and make everybody aware of this

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Prices of Drugs As per New DPCO

Name of the Schedule Formulation Strength Unit Ceiling Price (Rs.)

Acetazolamide Tablets 250mg 1 Tablet 3.69

Acyclovir Cream 5% 1 gm 8.88
Acyclovir Tablets 200mg 1 Tablet 7.30
Adenosine Injection 3mg/ml 1ml 114.55
Adrenaline Bitartrate Injection 1mg/ml 1 ml 37.24
Albendazole Suspension 200 mg/ 5 ml 1 ml 1.48
Albendazole Tablets 400mg 1 Tablet 9.12
Albumin Injection 20% 1 ml 36.66
Alpha Interferon Injection 3 million IU Each Pack 759.70
Alprazolam Tablets 0.25mg 1 Tablet 0.96
Amikacin Injection 250mg/2ml 1 ml 13.96
Amiodarone Injection 50mg/ml 1ml 20.76
Amiodarone Tablets 100mg 1tablet 6.52
Amiodarone Tablets 200mg 1tablet 11.67
Amitriptyline Tablets 25mg 1tablet 2.12
Amlodipine Tablets 2.5mg 1 Tablet 2.03
Amlodipine Tablets 5mg 1 Tablet 3.06
Amoxicillin Capsules 500 mg 1 Capsule 6.09
Amoxicillin Powder for suspension 125 mg / 5 ml 1 ml 0.57
Ampicillin Capsule 500 mg 1 Capsule 4.75
Ampicillin Injection 500 mg Each Pack 13.4
Ampicillin Powder for Suspension 125mg/5ml 1 ml 0.63
Anti-D Immunoglobin (human) Injection 300mcg Each Pack 2209.80
Atenolol Tablets 100mg 1tablet 3.72
Atenolol Tablets 50mg 1 Tablet 2.07
Atorvastatin Tablets 5mg 1tablet 3.82
Atorvastatin Tablets 10mg 1 Tablet 5.91
Atracurium Besylate Injection 10mg/ml Each Pack 45.28
Atropine Sulphate Drops 1% 1 ml 2.91
Atropine Sulphate Injection 0.6mg / ml 1 ml 4.01
Atropine Sulphate Ointment 1% 1 gm 3.24
Azathioprine Tablets 50mg 1 Tab. 9.89
Azithromycin Injection 500mg Each Pack 182.27
Azithromycin Tablets 500mg 1 Tab. 19.86
Beclomethasone Dipropionate Inhalation 250mcg/ MT Dose Each MT Dose 1.52
Betaxolol Hydrochloride Drops 0.50% 1ml 6.59
Bleomycin Injection 15mg 1 ml 616.06
Bromocriptine Mesylate Tablet 1.25mg 1 Tablet 7.58
Bromocriptine Mesylate Tablet 2.5mg 1 Tablet 13.6
Carbimazole Tablets 5mg 1tablet 1.77
Carbimazole Tablets 10mg 1tablet 3.43
Cefixime Tablets 100mg 1 Tablet 7.69
Ceftazidime Injection 250mg Each Pack 63.40
Ceftazidine Injection 1 gm Each Pack 229.19
Ceftriaxone Injection 250 mg Each Pack 24.6
Clofazimine Capsules 50mg 1 Capsule 1.28
Clofazimine Capsules 100mg 1 Capsule 2.22
Clomiphene Citrate Tablets 100mg 1tablet 12.18
Colchicine Tablets 0.5mg 1 Tab. 2.88
Cyclophosphamide Tablets 50mg 1 Tablet 3.75 1 Tablet 3.75
Cyclosporine Capsules 25mg 1 Capsule 24.75
Cyclosporine Capsules 50mg 1 Capsule 48.26
D.P.T. Vaccine Injection -- 1vial 232.86
Dacarbazine Injection 500mg Each Pack 1029.09
Danazol Capsules 50mg 1 Capsule 9.37
Danazol Capsules 100mg 1 Capsule 20.33
Diazepam Injection 5mg/ml 1 ml 5.59
Diazepam Tablets 5mg 1 Tablet 1.32
Diethylcarbamazine Citrate Tablets 50mg 1 Tab. 0.47
Digoxin Tablets .25mg 1tablet 1.26
Dihydroergotamine Tablets 1mg 1 Tablet 16.71
Diltiazem Tablets 30mg 1tablet 2.27
Dobutamine Injection 50mg/ml Each Pack 65.42
Domperidone Syrup 1mg/ml 1ml 1.03
Dopamine Hydrochloride Injection 40mg/ml Each Pack 5.53
Doxorubicin Injection 50mg Each Pack 1145.20
EMLA Cream - 1gm 20.08
Enalapril Maleate Tablets 2.5mg 1tablet 1.78
Enalapril Maleate Tablets 5mg 1tablet 2.96
Esmolol Injection 10mg/ml 1ml 20.51
Ethambutol Tablets 400mg 1 Tablet 2.17
Ethambutol Tablets 600mg 1 Tablet 3.15
Ethambutol Tablets 800mg 1 Tablet 3.74
Ethinylestradiol Tablets .01mg 1tablet 2.12
Fentanyl Injection 50mcg/ml 1 ml 20.26
Fluconazole Capsule 50mg 1 Capsule 10.16
Fluconazole Capsules 200mg 1 Capsule 38.91
Fluconazole Tablets 50mg 1 Tablet 7.83
Fluconazole Tablets 100mg 1 Tablet 14.16
Fluconazole Tablets 200mg 1 Tablet 25.86
Folic Acid Tablets 5mg 1tablet 1.15
Gemcitabine Hydrochloride Injection 200mg Each Pack 1304.86
Gemcitabine Hydrochloride Injection 1gm Each Pack 5969.16
Glibenclamide Tablets 2.5mg 1tablet 0.48
Glibenclamide Tablets 5mg 1tablet 0.96
Glucagon Injection 1mg/ml Each Pack 788.33
Glucose Injection 5% isotonic 1 ml 0.03
Glucose Injection 10% 1 ml 0.05
Glyceryl Trinitrate Injection 5mg/ml 1ml 7.53
Glyceryl Trinitrate Sublingual Tablets .5mg 1tablet 1.85
Haloperidol Injection 5mg/ml 1ml 5.63
Halothane Vaporizer Inhalation - 1 ml 5.87
Homatropine Drops 2% 1ml 5.00
Hydrochlorthiazide Tablets 12.5mg 1tablet 0.97
Hydrochlorthiazide Tablets 25mg 1tablet 1.66
Hydrocortisone Sodium Succinate Injection 400mg Each Pack 135.70
Hyoscine Butyl Bromide Injection 20mg/ml 1ml 9.84
Imatinib Tablets 400mg 1tablet 268.33
Imatinib Tablets 100mg 1 Tablet 87.59
Imipramine Tablets 25mg 1tablet 0.75
Imipramine Tablets 75mg 1tablet 2.00
Indinavir Capsules 400mg 1 Capsule 19.41
Isosorbide 5 Mononitrate Tablets 10mg 1tablet 1.92
Isosorbide 5 Mononitrate Tablets 20mg 1tablet 3.29
Ispaghula Granules - 1 gm 0.76
Ketamine Hydrochloride Injection 50mg/ml 1 ml 10.46
Lamivudine+Zidovudine Tablets 150mg+300mg 1 Tablet 19.63
Leflunomide Tablets 20mg 1 Tab. 28.63
Levothyroxine Tablets 100mcg 1 Tablet 1.11
Lithium Carbonate Tablets 300mg 1tablet 1.41
Lorazepam Injection 2mg/ml 1 ml 7.39
Losartan Potassium Tablets 25mg 1tablet 2.50
Losartan Potassium Tablets 50mg 1tablet 4.30
Medroxy Progesterone Acetate Tablets 10mg 1tablet 5.24
Medroxy Progesterone Acetate Tablets 5mg 1tablet 2.59
Mefloquine Tablets 250mg base 1 Tablet 50.06
Metformin Tablets 500mg 1 Tablet 1.56
Methotrexate Tablets 5mg 1 Tab. 7.60
Methotrexate Tablets 7.5mg 1 Tab. 11.27
Methotrexate Tablets 2.5mg 1 Tablet 4.72
Methyl Ergometrine Tablets .125mg 1tablet 7.14
Metoclopramide Injection 5mg/ml 1ml 2.09
Metoclopramide Syrup 5mg/ml 1ml 0.47
Metoclopramide Tablets 10mg 1tablet 1.04
Midazolam Injection 1mg/ml 1ml 5.79
Midazolam Injection 5mg/ml 1ml 24.78
Misoprostol Tablets 100mcg 1tablet 9.43
N-acetylcysteine Injection 200mg/ml 1 ml 22.52
Neostigmine Injection .5mg/ml Each Pack 4.04
Nevirapine Suspension 50mg/5ml 1 ml 0.98
Nifedipine Capsules 10mg 1capsule 1.18
Nifedipine Tablets 10mg 1tablet 1.13
Norethisterone Tablets 5mg 1tablet 5.07
Ofloxacin Syrup 50mg/5ml 1 ml 0.67
Olanzapine Tablets 5mg 1tablet 2.90
Olanzapine Tablets 10mg 1tablet 5.32
Omeprazole Capsules 10mg 1 Capsule 2.76
Omeprazole Capsules 20mg 1 Capsule 3.02
Ondansetron Injections 2mg/ml 1 ml 7.37
Ondansetron Syrup 2mg/5ml 1 ml 1.04
Ondansetron Tablets 8mg 1tablet 11.07
Oral Rehydration Salts Powder for Solution as per IP 1gm 0.58
Oxytocin Injection 10IU/ml 1ml 37.70
Pantoprazole Injection 40mg Each Pack 47.93
Paracetamol Injection 150mg/ml 1ml 3.29
Paracetamol Suppository 80mg 1 Suppository 4.88
Paracetamol Suppository 170mg 1 Suppository 5.99
Paracetamol Syrup 125mg/5ml 1ml 0.33
Paracetamol Tablets 500mg 1 Tab. 0.94
Penicillamine Capsules 250mg 1 Capsule 13.12
Permethrin Cream 5% 1gm 1.77
Permethrin Lotion 5% 1ml 1.07
Phenobarbitone Tablets 60mg 1 Tab. 1.69
Phenytoin Sodium Tablets 50mg 1 Tablet 0.77
Povidone Iodine Solution 5% 1ml 0.39
Povidone Iodine Solution 10% 1ml 0.91
Primaquine Tablets 7.5mg 1 Tablet 1.98
Primaquine Tablets 2.5mg 1 Tablet 1.55
Promethazine Syrup 5mg/5ml 1ml 0.21
Promethazine Tablets 25mg 1 Tab. 2.49
Propofol Injection 1% Oil Suspension Each Pack 7.94
Pyrazinamide Tablets 500mg 1 Tablet 3.77
Pyrazinamide Tablets 750mg 1 Tablet 6.91
Pyrazinamide Tablets 1000mg 1 Tablet 8.30
Quinine Sulphate Injection 300mg/ml 1ml 9.07
Quinine Sulphate Tablets 300mg 1 Tablet 5.10
Rabies Vaccine Injection -- Each Pack 302.39
Raloxifene Tablets 60mg 1tablet 9.89
Sodium Valproate Syrup 200mg/5ml 1 ml 0.58
Sodium Valproate Tablets 200mg 1 Tab. 3.07
Stavudine+Lamivudine Tablets 30mg+150mg 1 Tablet 9.20
Streptokinase Injection 750,000 IU Each Pack 1087.43
Streptokinase Injection 15,00,000 IU Each Pack 2034.04
Sulphacetamide Sodium Drops 20% Each Pack 1.73
Tamoxifen Citrate Tablets 20mg 1tablet 2.77
Terbutaline Sulphate Tablets 2.5mg 1tablet 0.98
Testosterone Capsules 40mg (as undecanoate) 1capsule 10.96
Tetanus Toxoid Injection -- Each Pack 10.29
Thiopentone Sodium Injection 0.5gm/pack Each Pack 41.67
Trihexyphenidyl Hydrochloride Tablets 2mg 1tablet 1.36
Tropicamide Eye Drops 1% 1ml 9.60
Urokinase Injection 500,000 IU/ml Each Pack 2028.57
Vancomycin Hydrochloride Injection 500mg Each Pack 330.60
Vancomycin Hydrochloride Injection 1gm Each Pack 514.44
Vincristine Injection 1mg / ml Each Pack 50.60
Warfarin Sodium Tablets 5mg 1tablet 2.24

Lignocaine Hydrochloride+ 1%+1:200,000/pack Each Pack 0.68

Adrenaline Injection
Lamivudine+Nevirapine+ 150mg+200mg+30mg 1 Tablet 17.29
Stavudine Tablets
Zidovudine+Lamivudine+ 300mg+150mg+200mg 1 Tablet 19.05
Nevirapine Tablets
Hydroxychloroquine Phosphate/ 200mg 1 Tab. 5.64
Sulphate Tablets
Artesunate Tablets 50mg 1 Tablet 20.04
(To be used only in combination
with Sulfadoxine Pyrimethamine)

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Have you ever been in touch with Arsenic in your life well i used it several times during my education we all know arsenic is a useful chemical compound but there are many things or stories that we don't know about arsenic . thats what i am going to tell you

In 2007 a study found that over 137 million people in more than 70 countries are affected by arsenic poisoning from drinking water.

Arsenic poisoning is a medical condition caused by elevated levels of arsenic in the body. The dominant basis of arsenic poisoning is from ground water that naturally contains high concentrations of arsenic. 
  • headaches, confusion, severe diarrhea, and drowsiness
  • convulsions and changes in fingernail pigmentation called leukonychia striata
  • vomiting, blood in the urine, cramping muscles, hair loss, stomach pain, and more convulsions. 
there are many mode of exposure of arsenic to human body but i am discussing few of them
Drinking water 
Chronic arsenic poisoning results from drinking contaminated well water over a long period of time. Many aquifers contain high concentration of arsenic salts. The World Health Organization recommends a limit of 0.01 mg/L (10ppb) of arsenic in drinking water.

One of the worst incidents of arsenic poisoning via well water occurred in Bangladesh, which the World Health Organization called the "largest mass poisoning of a population in history

Occupational exposure 
The toxicity of arsenic to insects, bacteria and fungi led to its use as a wood preservative.Because of its high toxicity, arsenic is little used in the Western world, although in Asia is still a popular pesticide. Arsenic is mainly encountered occupationally in the smelting of zinc and copper ores
It has been found that rice is particularly susceptible to accumulation of arsenic from soil.Rice grown in US has an average 260 ppb of arsenic according to a study, but U.S. arsenic intake remains far below WHO recommended limits. China has set a standard for arsenic limits in food (150 ppb), as levels in rice exceed those in water. 

Thousands are Being Slowly Poisoned in India and Bangladesh, thousands of human beings are unknowingly being slowly poisoned due to arsenic contaminated drinking water. The tube wells, which once saved their lives by preventing gastrointestinal diseases, are now killing them.

You May Be Consuming Arsenic Daily
Sealing off tubewells and using water purifiers may not be enough to prevent arsenic poisoning. The harmful chemical was still affecting thousands through contaminated poultry products and meat, according to a study by researchers at the West Bengal University of Fishery and Animal Sciences (WBUFAS). Chicken, mutton and egg samples collected from affected areas on the northern fringes of the city were found to contain more than five times the permissible limit of arsenic.
According to the study, egg, goat meat, eggs and fish produced in the poultry and other farms of eight arsenic-prone villages in the Deganga block of North 24-Parganas had much higher levels of arsenic than the human system could tolerate."Kolkata gets 60% of its chicken and egg supply from the affected areas of North 24-Parganas. 
Solution to arsenic poisoning in India found
Scientists at the Queens University Belfast have created a new low-cost technology to provide arsenic-free water to millions of people in South Asia who are exposed to high levels of poison in groundwater. Queen's researchers have also developed a trial plant in Kasimpore, near Kolkata, which offers chemical-free groundwater treatment technology to rural communities for all their drinking and farming needs.The technology is based on recharging a part of the groundwater, after aeration, into a subterranean aquifer (permeable rock) able to hold water. Increased levels of oxygen in the groundwater slow down the arsenic release from the soil.
Countries most affected with arsenic poisoning
Mostly major no of south asian countries are affected with arsenic poisoning but there are few western countries also in the list
Bangladesh and West Bengal, India 

Arsenic contamination of the groundwater in Bangladesh is a serious problem. Prior to the 1970s, Bangladesh had one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world. Ineffective water purification and sewage systems as well as periodic monsoons and flooding exacerbated these problems. As a solution, UNICEF and the World Bank advocated the use of wells to tap into deeper groundwater. Millions of wells were constructed as a result. Because of this action, infant mortality and diarrheal illness were reduced by fifty percent. However, with over 8 million wells constructed, approximately one in five of these wells is now contaminated with arsenic above the government's drinking water standard.

The central portion of Argentina is affected by arsenic-contaminated groundwater. Specifically, the La Pampa produces water containing 4-5300 microgram As per litre
United States
Fallon, Nevada has long been known to have groundwater with relatively high arsenic concentrations (in excess of 0.08 mg/L). Even some surface waters, such as the Verde River in Arizona, sometimes exceed 0.01 mg/L arsenic, especially during low-flow periods when the river flow is dominated by groundwater discharge.

Nepal is subject to a serious problem with arsenic contamination. The problem is most severe in the Terai region, the worst being near Nawalparasi District, where 26 percent of shallow wells failed to meet WHO standard of 10 ppb. A study by Japan International Cooperation Agency and the Environment in the Kathmandu Valley showed that 72% of deep wells failed to meet the WHO standard, and 12% failed to meet the Nepali standard of 50 ppb

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Can ethical committees stop illegal clinical trials?

                   In a move to discourage the rampant frequency with which untested drugs are released in India, all pharmaceutical companies that conduct clinical trials will have to register internal ethics committees. The latest gazette notification made it compulsory for all pharma companies to register ethical companies which will comprise of seven members along with a chairman who mustn’t be a member of the clinical trials department. At present most ethics panels consist of people who usually have conflicts of interest with study sponsors. In fact, in some cases the clinical trial investigators were even part of the ethics committee!
               The health ministry has also formed two expert panels for the approval of trials of new drugs and fixed dose combinations. All these developments are part of the Health Ministry’s move to clean up the mess that the country’s premier drug regulator body is in.  Earlier, the Supreme Court had slammed the Centre for not reining in illegal trials which were creating havoc in the country.
 ‘This is the first time ethics committees will have to report serious, adverse events to the drug controller, and informed consent forms will also be reviewed. These regulatory and monitoring norms should have been in place all along,’ said Anand Rai, an Indore-based activist and a petitioner in the Supreme Court case on clinical trials. ‘I hope the government can address concerns raised by the victims who have suffered in the absence of these basic regulatory norms. Besides deciding on compensation and redressal of victims’ concerns, doctors who violated ethical practices should also be punished to send a strong message,’ Rai said.

DCGI’s Hall of Shame
Here are some of the older skeletons from the DCGI’s closet:
Too many drugs being approved:  ’On an average, the DCGI (Drug Controller General of India) is approving one drug every month without trials. This cannot be in public interest by any stretch of imagination,’ the panel observed. It also gave examples where the ‘opinions of experts’ were based simply on ‘personal perception’. Some of the recommendations were so blatantly one-sided that it seemed like they were written by pharma companies.
Too few qualified drug-inspectors: The standing committee had also lashed out at the lack of quality and quantity of drug inspectors. The Parliament Standing committee said it was absolutely irrational to give a pharmacy graduate who doesn’t have any clinical or research experience the authority to approve drugs. The headquarters is staffed by four deputy DIs and five assistant drug controllers.
These nine officers alone handle 20,000 applications, over 200 meetings, attend to 11,000 public/industry representatives, and respond to 700 Parliament questions and around 150 court cases annually.

Illegal tests: Recently, a PIL submitted to the SC suggested that big pharmaceuticals including GlaxoSmithKline and MSD – had tested two HPV vaccines on almost 24,000 tribal girls in Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat.  The SC had also pointed out the government’s failure to halt unethical clinical trials by multinational drug companies on Indian patients who were used as ‘guinea pigs’. Referring to a May 2012 report of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on health and family welfare, judges R.M. Lodha and Anil R. Dave said ‘it really pains us that illiterate people and children of India are being used as guinea pigs by the multinational drug companies’.

Given India’s current status as the generic drugs capital of the world, with millions of patients the government’s dream of Universal Health Coverage can’t be achieved without an uncorrupted, untainted, efficient and transparent drug body regulator.

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well whenever we talk about poisons what we find is that A poison is a substance which can be life threatening but its not always like that a poison is not always life threatening sometimes it is also used to save lives so lets talk about the top ten deadliest poisons which are used as medicines and what that is amazing is that the list contain substance only from natural origins sooo let the countdown begain
Ergot or ergot fungi refers to a group of fungi of the genus Claviceps This fungus grows on rye and related plants, and produces alkaloids that can cause ergotism in humans and other mammals who consume grains contaminated with its fruiting structure Ergotism causes hallucinations and attendant irrational behavior, convulsions, and even death. Other symptoms include strong uterine contractions, nausea, seizures, and unconsciousness. Consumption can lead to amputation of limbs which are damaged by the fungus. Since the middle ages, controlled doses of ergot were used to induce abortions and to stop maternal bleeding after childbirth. Ergot alkaloids are used in products such as Cafergot (containing caffeine and ergotamine or ergoline) to treat migraine headaches. It is also used in a variety of treatments for Parkinson’s disease. 

Like many other tarantula lover this information was also fascinating for me becoz now  i can provide my friends one more reason to love tarantula Biophysicists from the University at Buffalo are using a protein from the venom of the Chilean Rose tarantula to combat death from heart attacks. The walls of your cells have tiny channels that open when the cell stretches. Among other body functions, these channels are responsible for the contraction of heart muscles. When these channels open too wide (which can happen from stretching the heart muscles over time), they allow a flood of positive ions into the cell. These extra ions disrupt the electrical signals in the heart, causing the organ to fibrillate (beat wildly and irregularly). The protein from the Chilean tarantula venom binds to these channels, which can block the positive ions from passing through. This could ostensibly prevent fibrillation — and hopefully death — if delivered during a heart attack. 
The venom from yellow scorpion is being used to help treat cancer. Researchers at the Transmolecular Corporation in Cambridge, Mass., have isolated a protein that occurs in the venom of the Israeli yellow scorpion. This protein has been shown to seek out and bind itself to the types of cancerous cells found in gliomas, a type of brain cancer that’s particularly difficult to treat. The researchers created a synthetic version of the protein and attached radioactive iodine solution to it. When introduced into the bloodstream, the protein seeks out glioma cells and binds to them, carrying the radioactive solution along for the ride. The solution then destroys the cells — and with enough treatments, the cancer.
Atropine is a tropane alkaloid extracted from deadly nightshade, jimsonweed (Datura stramonium), mandrake and other plants of the family Solanaceae. Injections of atropine are used in the treatment of bradycardia (an extremely low heart rate), asystole and pulseless electrical activity (PEA) in cardiac arrest. Atropine’s actions on the parasympathetic nervous system inhibits salivary, sweat, and mucus glands. This can be useful in treating hyperhidrosis, and can prevent the death rattle of dying patients. Because of its extremely important use in medicine, this poison is a core medicine in the World Health Organization’s “Essential Drugs List”, which is a list of minimum medical needs for a basic health care system.
Hemlock is one of the most widely known poisons. The most important and toxic alkaloid in hemlock is coniine, which has a chemical structure similar to nicotine. Coniine is a neurotoxin, which disrupts the workings of the central nervous system and is toxic to humans and all classes of livestock. Coniine causes death by blocking the neuromuscular junction in a manner similar to curare; this results in an ascending muscular paralysis with eventual paralysis of the respiratory muscles which results in death due to lack of oxygen to the heart and brain. Death can easily be prevented by artificial ventilation until the effects have worn off 48–72 hours later. Ingestion of Poison Hemlock in any quantity can result in respiratory collapse and death. For an adult the ingestion of more than 100 mg of coniine (approximately 6 to 8 fresh leaves, or a smaller dose of the seeds or root) may result in fatality. Despite its deadly reputation, poison hemlock has been used as a sedative and for its antispasmodic properties.
The copperhead is an ambush predator: it takes up a promising position and waits for suitable prey to arrive. Like most North American viperids, these snakes prefer to avoid humans and, given the opportunity, will leave the area without biting. However, unlike other viperids they will often “freeze” instead of slithering away, and as a result many bites occur from people unknowingly stepping on or near them. Copperhead venom has an estimated lethal dose of around 100 mg, and tests on mice show its potency is among the lowest of all pit vipers, and slightly weaker than that of its close relative, the cottonmouth. Copperheads often employ a “warning bite” when stepped on or agitated and inject a relatively small amount of venom, if any at all. The venom of the Southern copperhead has been found to hold a protein called “Contortrostatin” that halts the growth of cancer cells and also stops the migration of the tumors to other sites. It will probably be ten or more years before contortrostatin is used in practical treatment but it has shown to be a novel anti-cancer drug in the lab.
Depending on the species, the digitalis plant may contain several deadly physiological and chemically related cardiac and steroidal glycosides. Thus, the digitalis has earned several more sinister monikers: Dead Man’s Bells, and Witches’ Gloves. The entire plant is toxic (including the roots and seeds), although the leaves of the upper stem are particularly potent, with just a nibble being enough to potentially cause death. Medicines from foxgloves are called “Digitalin”. It is used to increase cardiac contractility (it is a positive inotrope) and as an antiarrhythmic agent to control the heart rate, particularly in the irregular (and often fast) atrial fibrillation. It is therefore often prescribed for patients in atrial fibrillation, especially if they have been diagnosed with heart failure.
The roots of Aconitum ferox (Wolfsbane) supply the Nepalese poison called bikh, bish, or nabee. It contains large quantities of the alkaloid pseudaconitine, which is a deadly poison. Aconitum palmatum yields another of the bikh poisons. The root of Aconitum luridum, of the Himalaya, is said to be as virulent as that of A. ferox or A. napellus. In Western medicine preparations of aconite were used until just after the middle of the 20th century, but it is no longer employed as it has been replaced by safer and more effective drugs and treatments. Internal uses were also pursued, to slow the pulse, as a sedative in pericarditis and heart palpitations, and well diluted as a mild diaphoretic, or to reduce feverishness in treatment of colds, pneumonia, quinsy, laryngitis, croup, and asthma due to exposure. Taken internally, aconite acts very notably on the circulation, the respiration, and the nervous system. The pulse is slowed, the number of beats per minute being actually reduced, under considerable doses, to forty, or even thirty, per minute. Interestingly, the wolfsbane flower was used to identify supposed werewolves. If the flower cast a yellow shadow on the suspected shape-shifter’s chin, the werewolf test was positive.
Cone snails are medium-sized to large, sophisticated predatory sea snails. These snails hunt and immobilize prey using a modified radular tooth along with a poison gland containing neurotoxins; this is launched out of its mouth in a harpoon-like action. Live cone snails should be handled with care or not handled at all, as they are capable of “stinging” humans with unpleasant results. The sting of small cones is no worse than a bee sting, but the sting of a few of the larger species of tropical cone snails can be serious or even fatal to human beings. The venom of some cone snails, such as the Magician cone, Conus magus, shows much promise for providing a non-addictive pain reliever 1000 times as powerful as, and possibly a replacement for, morphine. The first painkiller Ziconotide derived from cone snail toxins was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in December 2004 under the name “Prialt”. Other drugs are in clinical and preclinical trials, such as compounds of the toxin that may be used in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and epilepsy.
Warfarin is an anticoagulant. It was initially marketed as a pesticide against rats and mice and is still popular for this purpose, although more potent poisons such as brodifacoum have since been developed. A few years after its introduction, warfarin was found to be effective and relatively safe for preventing thrombosis and embolism (abnormal formation and migration of blood clots) in many disorders. It was approved for use as a medication in the early 1950s and has remained popular ever since; warfarin is the most widely prescribed anticoagulant drug in North America. Despite its effectiveness, treatment with warfarin has several shortcomings. Many commonly used medications interact with warfarin, as do some foods, and its activity has to be monitored by frequent blood testing.
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