Sunday, 29 September 2013


As always I was in a Hess what to write in my next post and was sitting with a pen in my hand and copy on my desk my brother came to me and asked me to watch the new shinchan movie with him my answer was same get lost I want to write a post and you do not know how difficult is this and he said that's why i am asking you to come and watch the movie because right now you do not know what to write and after the movie you will get your idea ........ well it really worked I got an idea what to right next........ so here i am with my new post

it is always the word which fascinated all of us everybody thinks about it but nobody knows what is going to happen
Future of diseases
we can classify the centuries from past in terms of disease for eg plague in 14,18 and 19th century likewise there are many more so what would be future diseases in my view these can be the future diseases

Obesity It may be one of the major problems in future because of changing lifestyle technology made it all simple but we became slaves for new techs. if we talk about data the no of obese persons in country has been increased by 5% 
%age of obesity in different states of India
As the graph shows obesity is increasing and i am sure that this will be the major disease in future which will widely affect every one of us 

Tension nearly 40% of young generation is affected by this right now and tension is increasing day by day we got jobs we are placed but still there is competition to face how to earn more how to learn more I mean that we are so much involved in this that many of us forgot how to laugh and now they are taking laughter therapy to learn it again
stress is only due to our lifestyle change your way of living you are out of it

Diabetes now a days diabetes is said to be a wealthy mans disease because number of upper middles class persons involved with the disease but it is also affecting the middle class society and there is a sudden boom in the number of affected individuals 
this must be common  one of my fathers friend was recently diagnosed with diabetes as i visited to him I asked Uncle you are a doctor how can you be a diabetic ,he replied no worry even america has 30% of its population diabetic ...... this is what came to my mind Are we in a race to america so that we can achieve a level higher than them in diabetes  .

Sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS There is very little difference between open mind and mischief mind and this little difference has affected as up-to a large extent in last few years  the cases of AIDS has increased and the STDs are also on the same way .

Respiratory diseases  The data for respiratory disease shocked me  as this disease is increasing day by day and there is not only one reason pollution ,smoking and many more to count 

Malnutrition As I said the number of obese persons is increasing and at the same time no of malnutrition's is also increasing the reason is increasing population India is the second largest country with population and seventh with land but still 40 % of its population is poor and like the same way many African countries are also affected .

Alcoholism and Drugs addiction many times we get confuse alcohol and drugs as the solution to our problems but these things lead us to other problems..

Nature has balanced every thing that is every thing is connected to each other when a rich eats more than his need ,he eats the share of a poor man ,in this case the rich man become obese and poor is malnutrition 
Social networking has made it all easy to meet new people but to meet new people we have to cover our self with a screen so that we can show what the other person like ........ we usually meet at Facebook not in real 
It is good to be open minded but any thing more than enough is bad 
A government is one who works for the people who can not walk ,not for providing vehicles to them who are running fast  

alcohol is not a status symbol

We are the field that deals with every aspect of drug from discovery to sales but this never mean that we want a society which totally depends on drugs always remember Drugs were developed to correct the system no drug was developed to be employed in system we are totally dependent on the drugs we even need drugs to sleep ..... this is because we do not believe in our own system a slight headache is cured by drug although you can get rid of it from a little rest
The problem that i fell is most dangerous for all of us is now a days we are developing resistance to many of drugs it is only because doctors are mindlessly prescribing drugs of higher efficacy and dose to the normal persons which is causing drug resistance and this may be the most dangerous face of future .........

so these were my views of course I did not suggested ways to get over these problems because i am still working on them may be you can find them in my next post and i am sure that there may be suggestions and questions so please do mention them in the comment box i will be glad to reply them