Thursday, 26 September 2013


A few days ago I noticed a comment on one of my blog post asking me how to start our own marketing company so here i am with a complete guidance and suggestions for persons who want to start there own marketing firm 
As for the post I conducted an interview with Mr Rajesh Mohaan Khera who is the owner of AREHK Healthcare pvt limited and asked the questions regarding topic

He is the owner of AREHK Healthcare pvt Limited Agra. He has worked in past for wockhardt, after that he decided to start his own firm well I got a chance to meet him first time in 2009 and from then he kept me inspiring and i know there are many more for whom he is an idol ........ so lets find out what he want to share.....

Q: What is your basic qualification ?
Ans : I am a Bsc graduate.

Q: What is your previous work profile ? 
Ans: I worked for wockhardt for about 10 years as a medical representative in delhi .

Q: How did you came to the idea of starting a pharma company ?
Ans : well I think everybody who is working in marketing field once in his whole life thinks about starting a company.

so lets see what he answered  for the question how to start your own pharmaceutical company

sir actuly my readers want to know how to start there own marketing company so plz guide us about the process

Q:  what is the minimum qualification required to start a company ?
Ans:  anybody can start a company no qualification required

Q: what are the types of companies that we can start ?
Ans: basically three types Private , Partnership and proprietorship

Q: What is the first step to start a company ?
Ans: Make a decision and after that plan every thing ,do as much research as you can.

Q: what is the minimum amount that is required to start a company ?
Ans : The minimum amount required to start a company is about 10 to 15 lakh indian rupees

Q: Starting a company needs paperwork sir plz tell us what legal documents are required ?
Ans : Before starting a company you should must have a proper Drug licence and sales tax license /no

Q: where can we get these licence ?
Ans :  you can get these license from respected office or you can also apply for the online 

Q: sir are there any space requirements for company ?
Ans : yes you should must have an office and a proper storage area

Q: What is the minimum inventory required ?
Ans : It totally depends upon how much area you want to cover for sales for example If you want to sell your formulations in one or two city inventory requirement is less and as you increase the number of cites inventory increases.

Q: Well as we are discussing about inventory so plz can you tell us what is the minimum no of formulations that a person should start with ?
Ans: you should must have more than 10 products in your firm

Q: I heard somewhere that you can start a company with only 2 formulations in market ? what do you say ?
Ans: well i will say that it is not possible  just tell what will you show the doctor when he will ask for your product list .......  products will never make you confident you should must have at least 10 products

Q: Where to get the products for the company ?
Ans: you can either ask a company to manufacture your products or you can have your own production unit

Q: sir how to decide that what type of products I should start with ?
Ans: well this totally depend upon the area where you want to start the company . you should must research what type of products are popular in the market and you should must focus on them and you should must start with otc products first

Q: what is total number of staff required ?
Ans: depends upon the size of company and on you

Q: What is the minimum qualification for staff ?
Ans : should must be graduate

Q: what is your mantra to be successful in Pharma marketing ?
Ans: Hard Work and you should must know what you want to do

Q: what are your suggestions for our readers who want to start their own company ?
Ans: Before starting a company you should must be focused on what you want to do and I suggest that do as much research as you can and it will be to take a experience of pharma marketing before starting the company

It is hard to earn success and it is more difficult to maintain it if you want to be in the filed you should must come with your mind prepared to do this.............. I want to say thanks to Rajesh uncle to providing me his valuable time and also want to say thanks to Parth khera who came forward to help me without any questions
well there may be questions in your minds also so don't put them down ask them in the comment box and suggestions are most welcomed


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