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What is pharma marketing ? I will not go very deep just simple definition marketing strategies for the sale of pharma product .lots of companies are involved with the field but the question arise is how it is different with traditional marketing .answer is simple traditional marketing is work directly with its consumer but pharma marketing work for the patient VIA Doctor 
Is a person who generate the sales from the doctors by giving them information about the drugs.well I interviewed one of my seniors a few days back regarding the job of a medical representative i wanted the to do the interview becoz he recently switched his job from marketing to banking. so i am here with interview
Prashant maurya
He is a graduate of Pharmacy from Rajiv academy for pharmacy and has worked in the field of marketing for about 2 yrs ,he recently switched his field from pharma to banking and is currently employed at Union Bank of India

Q : Who is medical representative 
Ans : a med rep is a person employed only to promote the products and to ensure the selling of the same
As i wanted to know the reason why he switched the job so this is what i asked
Q : many times it is said that there is no time limit for working of a medical rep.
Ans : This is wrong saying theoretically but as per job requirement yes it is true
Q : Pharma Marketing is the best way to earn a handsome amount with in a short span of time what are your views 
Ans : yes it is true ...... as ensuring the target completion give you very handsome amount of incentive and in some time even you enjoy the exemption of income tax also .
Q: Now a days even a person with a degree of B.Tech is also applying for the job of medical representative . what are your views ?
Ans: True ... but it is not only the lure of money but even there is a wide scope in this field but with this there
 are challenges also ...... in case of b tech holders the freshers are usually applying and in those case they opt it only to earn as soon as possible only after compilation of degree ...... they find it difficult in there field so they opt it....
Q : sir is it ethical to give this job to a non medical professional as humans are directly involved in the field
Ans: yes it is becoz the job profile support to them also any person having good communication skills and better selling can perform the job smoothly ... and in many cases you find that they perform much better duties
Q: recently you change your filed from pharma to a banker what do you say about this ? what led you to go for it ? 
Ans: in my case many factors came across me ... my family was not supporting for this job profile .... in my personal view i did not find it suiting with my work nature... may vary from person to person .... and even job security matters .... some of my elders also suggested me for my other option and i followed them and at this time i am happy with my job ...

I found my reason why he left the job

Well i was never agree with the statement but lets  find out this with another interview
Amresh Singh 
He is also graduate from Rajiv academy for pharmacy and is working in marketing field from last 1 year in delhi, and has achieved a height of success with in a short span of time.
Q: who is a medical representative 
Ans : He is a person who are hired by a medical company to promote their products to doctors and also at chemist n stockiest level.... his /her work is to generate the Rx of their products
Q: what is the staring salary 
Ans : It differ from company to company and person to person..... every company have their own norms regarding salary and they offer it according to experience and knowledge of person .
Q: How much growth do you see in the job
Ans : In the pharma field growth is sure .... it depends on your working style and hard working. It does not matter how you work ,only matters how you accomplish your target .. either it comes from ethical way or from any other source..... complete your target and get promoted.
Q: What are major drawbacks of the field 
Ans: there are so many
lots of pressure
no support by upper bodies to achieve target and many more
Q: Many times it is said Marketing is not a respectable job what are your views ?
Ans: sometimes I also feel this ... in the beginning i also thought of this It also depends on the behaviour of the person to whom you are contacting depend upon how a retailer responses u , how a stockist ,RBM , ABM , ZBM and other teammates behave with you , how doctor  responses ur call and how other staff behaves to you ......if these conditions are favourable with you it creates a +ve atmosphere and thus make you happy
Q : Is it true that there is no time limit in marketing
Ans : yeah it is true ...... you have to complete the work your are assigned at any time ... If you are going to field at 9am and your work is complete at 3 pm you can go home but if your is not completed even till 9 pm you can't go home you have to stay and complete your work
Q: marketing is good for big cities only and is not successful in small areas ?
Ans : This is not so true .... actually the matter is that ,that in big cities there is much more growth and opportunities but in small cities scope is little bit limited as every big company starts its business in big cities but cities you have to be more alert about your target becoz SAVDHANI HATI DURGATNA GHATI koi aur company aapki galti ka fayda utha sakti hai 
Q: where do you see yourself in future 
Ans: it depend upon dedication ..... if I work hard my future will be as brightest star
Q: what do you suggest to students who are opting for Pharmacy marketing
Ans : my suggestion is that this is a good field where you can prove yourself  .this field need your hard work dedication ... patience mind  , be positive and focus on your target ....earn incentives.... foreign trips  ... never feel extra pressure bt always remember one thing nvr make false commitments to any one..

well i think that this post will help the students who want to opt for marketing and also boost the moral of them who are already in marketing .... and stay tuned to pharma blog for more updates on other job fields .... and please must comment if you have any suggestion and comments /queries