Monday, 2 September 2013


I never forget my first day in my pharmacy graduation we all were introduced to teachers and seniors it was all amazing on our first lecture we were first time introduced to pharmacopeia let me tell you all about Pharmacopeia
Well it was that day and it is till now that nobody of my batch spells it wrong. It’s not due to teachers it’s all due to the senior’s coz at every point of our ragging the question was same can you spell pharmacopeia.

On that very day I was also introduced to one of my favourite subject i.e. Pharmaceutics I can define pharmaceutics as

It was not my favourite subject due to the teacher but it was my favourite subject coz it was easy enough for me to understand 
During a class that was the time when we used sit at first bench in front of teachers filled with enthusiasm and passion I suddenly dared to look back I found a lot loves an emotions all over the classroom well that love reminds my another subject that was pharmaceutical chemistry well I was never good at chemistry all my graduation chemistry followed me like an ghost and kept running as I ran away from love.
During the lunchtime of that at the same day at the local canteen (In Hindi I will say at our adda ) I found a simple girl who seems to be interesting and I was attracted toward her there it reminded me the subject that first attracted me then distracted me and again after some time I found it interesting it was Pharmacology 

And believe me the same thing happened to my feelings to the girl also  I was first attracted to her then again distracted and then attracted it all affected me lot and I became a blogger……….
And once there was there was a time when I was in love. And when a person is in love he is the luckiest buddy in the world everything seems to be bright, green and natural and it all pushed me to one more subject which was luckiest for me well it’s also natural like love i.e. Pharmacognosy 

I was an average student and was also average by nature and when an average person gets attracted to something interesting or new he follows it like an passion and till then bunking classes was my passion but as all know bunking is inversely proportional to attendance my attendance fell down to 50% and I was ordered to deans cabin and there I was introduced to the rules and regulations of colleges which were as boring as Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence  
And that incidence made us more analytical and after that our every bunk was pre analysed and we all started to calculate attendance and in this way I started analysing and managing my bunks and that analysing leads me to one more subject that is Pharmaceutical analysis

The main talks that I miss the most is about the cell phones, software’s and girls with all my friends all of us talked can even discuss the whole day about these topics and all that developed our interest in marketing and it is also one of our subjects .

I remember all that crystal clear in my mind. May be I have missed few of subjects but what I want to share is my college life it was all too much interesting .As we all want to complete the course,have job and settle down but what that is left behind is your friendship, college and even sometime the course  and I know that this is not a day as per my heading but that four years seem to be vanished in a day  

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