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We all know that Nobel prize is a mark of excellence and the Nobel of chemistry this year is awarded to Martin Karplus and Michael Levitt ... and the matter of interest is that they got Nobel prize for a very interesting pharmacy related project well before i tell you about that lets have look on the careers of these two great scientists ........
Born in Austria and is an american Theoretical chemist He is the Theodore William Richards Professor of Chemistry, emeritus at Harvard University. He is also Director of the Biophysical Chemistry Laboratory,...after earning a BA degree from Harvard college he pursued  graduate studies from California institute of technology he completed his Ph.D in 1953 while working with Linus Pauling . Karplus has contributed to many fields in physical chemistry, including nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, chemical dynamics, quantum chemistry, and most notably, molecular dynamics simulations of biological macro molecules
born in Pretoria, South Africa Is an American-British-Israeli biophysicist and a professor of structural biology at Stanford university since 1987 educated at kings college of London  He was a PhD student in Computational Biology at Peter house, Cambridge .he is one of the first researchers to conduct molecular dynamic simulations of DNA 

They got their Nobel prize for  Multiscale Models for Complex Chemical Systems 

What is multi scale models for complex chemical systems
Before 1970s the study of chemical structure was bit difficult becoz the 3d structure were prepared with plastic balls and sticks and in 1970 both Karplus and Levitt started working on a set of programs that made the study of the chemical process easy .The computer modelling has made it more easier to study the chemical process 
let me be more simple chemical reaction are very fast and are not easy to study with naked eyes in fractions of milliseconds electron jump from one atomic nucleus to other .classical chemistry has a hard time keeping up it is virtually impossible to experimentally map every little step in a chemical process scientists let computers unveil chemical processes, such as a catalyst's purification of exhaust fumes or the photosynthesis in green leaves.
for example working of protein it is impossible to see their chemical activity and to monitor them the observation of activities going there was nearly impossible becoz of speed and size of molecules but the program developed by karplus and Levitt make the study very easy becoz of 3d models developed by computer 

how it is important  
well it is not a question to be asked but let me explain when we will be able to study chemical process in more detail it will help us to clear our concept about body systems and will also help us to monitor the activity of drug into the system and it will also help to get detail about every aspect of drug

so now every time you see 3d chemical structure dnt forget to say thank you to Karplus and levitt 

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