Monday, 18 November 2013


A cancer drug that has attracted considerable from doctors and investors won approval from F.D.A on Wednesday 13 . the drug which will be called IMBRUVICA was approved as treatment for relapse of rare blood cancer called mantel cell lymphoma . but the companies that developed it , Pharmacyclics and Johnson& Johnson , have also applied for approval to treat a more common cancer chronic lymphocytic leukemia, or C.L.L. well the trade analyst have projected sales of several billion dollar a year for the drug and the pre show of the drug sales are clearly visible in the share market shares of Pharmacyclics, based in Sunnyvale, Calif., jumped $4.15, or 3.5 percent, to close at $123.82 on Wednesday, giving the company a market value of $9.1 billion.the 22 years old company which has not gotten a drug to market and was trading for less than $1 in 2008 shortly before the clinical trials of IMBRUVICA it is now up more than 140% over the last year 

In U.S. IMBRUVICA will cost about $91 per pill and the dose is 4 pills a day which will cost about $10900 per month and about $130,000 a year which is most likely to increase more when the drug will be launched in India ,,,,,, and one more interesting fact is that the companies are not ready to launch the drug in India ..........

According to the reports the companies have spent about $1 billion in research and development and it is very good that cancer finally gets lesser pill treatment and one more good news is that the companies will be providing financial help to the patient for treatment with the drug 

The drug was approved on the basis of clinical trial testing in 111 patient whose cancer had recurred after atleast one prior therapy .the cancer srank in about 49% of patient and disappeared in about 17% and the response lasted for about 17.5 months but it is still not clear that if it lives life long   

Side effects included diarrhea, infections and bleeding or bruising and decreases in platelets and infection-fighting white blood cells.

well it is the first approved drug which work by inhibiting  inhibiting Bruton’s tyrosine kinase, a protein that contributes to the proliferation and survival of B cells, which are the white blood cells that turn malignant in mantle cell lymphoma.

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