Thursday, 17 October 2013


Increasing activities of  black marketing and monopolies in drug market has finely alarmed the government and they are working on new service by which any one can get information about the generic options available for the drug and their prices . well this is a good news for the poor patients who often become prey of doctors by prescribing them drugs of high market rate 

What is the procedure 
its simple you just have to type the name of drug and send a sms to a number which will provide you the generic options available for that drug ................... as per rumors this job is given to NATIONAL PHARMACEUTICAL PRICING AUTHORITY 

Will it be helpful
In my point of view it will be helpful but there is an issue in my mind that drugs are not ordinary things a slight mistake can create a huge loss 
  • it could happen that a person spell a drug wrong and gets an wrong alternative
  • not only drug but dose also matters so may be somebody gets a wrong dose 
  • in India everybody is a doctor himself and it will make more easy for these kind of persons to reach their quest to become doctor
  • companies will try to lower their price as much as they can but this my affect there quality also
there are many positive points also 
  • most of countrymen will be aware of generics
  • at last doctors will be forced to prescribe the salt not the brand
  • countrymen can reduce there cost of treatment 
Current status of the plan
The budget for this policy may be included in the budget of 2013-14 but still this is only a plan so it may be or may not be its totally up-to government
Plans to stop this project have also been started
There are many hurdles for this plan 
  • according to law pharmacist can not dispense drugs other than the prescribed drugs to patients 
  • Changing company may also affect the health of patients
  • this policy needs a huge database the authority have to prepare a data base of about more than 90000 brands that are sold in country 
I hope that in future may be someday everybody has an option to chose the drug of his choice but not on the cost of health
waiting for your views .................................