Monday, 14 October 2013

The changed lifestyle... Is it really cool?

the eating habits and lifestyle of children are different from those of previous generations. Some people say this has had a negative effect on their health. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Recently, the eating habits and lifestyle of children has drastically changed from those of previous generation and is a major concern in many countries today causing negative effects primarily on health. Poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyle caused by the continuous evolution of high technology are some of the contributing factors on the increasing health problems worldwide. In this essay, I will discuss the above-mentioned issue and the danger it brings along.

With regards to eating habits, providing health and nutritious foods to the children are the parents' primary responsibility. In the case of children in the past for example, if only one parent is working to provide for the financial needs of the family, the other parent would have ample time to prepare and select appropriate nutritious foods foods belonging to the food groups go, glow and grow such as rice, meat, milk and vegetables and pay the required attention the children need. The parents act as a role model by showing to their kids, that they too, eat healthy foods and making sure they eat balanced diet. Also, they promote active lifestyle by spending a lot of time outdoors such as having picnics and engaging to sports as a form of exercise, this making their lives less sedentary.

However, living in a busy and highly sophisticated community greatly affects the interest of the children today, For instance, due to the fast-paced life, specifically in the key citied of the country, parents are too busy to prepare home-cooked foods. Fast food chains has been the solution to that problem. Parents resort to buying foods instead of personally cooking healthy meals at home. Although these establishments make our lives easier, what we are not aware of is that these unhealthy foods can raise the risk for cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, hypertension and stroke. Another, is the influence of technology. Devices such as cellular phones, TV, computer and other consoles has taken the attention of these youngsters instead of focusing on educational activities which can be a huge boost to their formative years. The children unknowingly becoming antisocial, develop violent behaviors and a sedentary lifestyle by engaging to these kind of activities, instead of developing their psychosocial and cognitive skills through frequent interaction with different people and utilizing their problem-solving strategies at an early age.

In conclusion, this essay explained how and why today's generation of food preference and lifestyle has changed. In my point of view, parents should inculcate to the minds of their children the habit of eating healthy foods and its benefits and organize activities to be done to stay healthy and fit.