Friday, 11 October 2013

How noble Prize changed medicine and your life

There are lots of reasoned we never think about. Thats fine if all you want to do is eat, sleep, drive and live. But its too difficult to control if your moto is very special and big or may be complex.

Special type of cells that work together to make something as complicated as, say, require more finer ability to control internal processes than one huge reaction could possibly provide. Evolution helped by solving this problem by creating a new class of life that regulate and control different sorts of actions in different sections of the cell — we call these cells as eukaryotes, and however it is fact that  we still don’t understand them very well even today. Thatz why for time being study require more affords in discovery.

Probably the biggest impediment to truly understanding eukaryotic cells, which encompass Fungi, plants and animals, is that their many compartments communicate and pass products around as needed. A protein might be first which made in the endoplasmic reticulum, move through some portion of the Golgi body apparatus, In this step the biochemists have long been vexed at the prospect of following a particular protein through all the intermediate given steps it takes in its lifetime — and again more importantly, at all the prospect of controlling those steps sequence.

The latest Nobel Prize in Medicine was given this month for several decades of work done on solving just this problem. The recipients collectively Gifted and prized a wealth of evidence for a new model of protein traffic inside a eukaryotic cell, this is the praise and appreciation to offer the team of scientists a way to predict and even influence that traffic. Their model proposes a lock-and-key model in which the first organ (a cellular compartment) buds off a bubble full of those protein(s), one studded with the particular molecular key. This protein transport the bubble, which is called as a vesicle, floats through the cell until and it jumps into the intended recipient organelle, where the receptor molecules captured hold of the vesicle and fuse itself with that, consuming its contents in it.

What does this mean for you? Probably Protein traffic is such a basic process in every eukaryotic plant and animal cells that it could be said to underlie virtually everythingthat they could do, but there is some diseases are linked to faulty protein traffic more directly in it. Certain types of diabetes, arise from an inability to understand and respond to signals about blood sugar levels in body. The winners’ past work has been used to help in diagnosis and treatment of several types of immune disorders and childhood epilepsy in patients.

With a detailed enough understanding the protein traffic, however, we could potentially cure all kinds of different diseases in human race. There’s increasing evidence that come in live is a trafficking problem which is the cause of many cases of Alzheimer’s disease and understanding accurately where that problem occurs is the first step to fixing it. If, say, a protein is missing an important modification on its way to a receptor site, we now know enough to significantly narrow the search and role of protein for culprits. Finally perhaps it’s a mutated signalling molecule that doesn’t allow to fuse with the proper target receptor and correcting the protein.

There is very different and every advance study in neurology relies at least somewhat on this work. Neurons in brain release and take up neurotransmitters by axons with very similar processes, neuron humoral transmission sending vesicles two and fro.  Though this time the bubbles of ferry proteins between two cells rather than within it. You can understand the vesicle traffic of protein for the explosion of psycho-active drugs in the past twenty years or so like Narcotics. Again, understanding the complex processes that modulates life is the tough part; once understanding is in sequence, manipulating and rearranging those processes is what we’re best at.

That’s why this research received the honour of Nobel Prize: after all these years, This study allows progress in fields all over biology, from epilepsy to schizophrenia to Viagra and even narcotics. It’s a process that allowed life to give rise to the amazing diversity which help in evolution process that we see today. We’re just now in frame of beginning to grasp how it works.