Sunday, 3 November 2013


While India is blamed for counterfeiting crucial drugs ,a vast Chinese network behind the fake is getting away Illegal Chinese manufacturers are faking drugs ,endangering patients lives and undermining legitimate brands ,especially those from India .well Chinese government as usual is not agree with the reports 
As we all know that India is major exporter of drugs to African countries especially drugs for AIDS a few days ago the Nigerian government has cleared that the drugs found with tags "made in India " are actually fake drugs developed in China  well china has a well known history of fakes items but in case of medicines its extremely dangerous India's high commissioner in Nigerian capital had already written the commerce ministry of India about the case  and the story does not ends here as for the case  the world ministry and trades department has issued its statement about the case and blamed both India and china for the cases of fake drugs
but an other point is that both India and china are the major producers of drugs all over world and especially India which due to a  policy over generic drugs has claimed major growth in cheap treatment of many disease and due to this there is furious battle in between countries to supply the drugs to African countries like Ghana which need cheap drugs due to there financial condition and for this Indian drugs are the best and therefore Chinese manufactures are faking the drugs to gain control over the market .

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