Friday, 8 November 2013


Testosterone treatment may increase heart attacks,stroke and death in older mew with low hormone level and other health related problems .The result raise concern about the widely used testosterone gels ,patches and injection that are heavily marketed  for low sex drive,fatigue and anti ageing benefits . men who used who used testosterone were 30% more likely to heart attack during a three year period than the men who do not use testosterone .most of hormone user in there early 60s face the common health problems like high blood pressure however what that is interesting is that the researcher are still unable to prove that testosterone is responsible for heart attack The nationwide study involved an analysis of health data on 8,700 veterans with low levels of testosterone, the main male sex hormone. All had undergone a heart imaging test and many had risk factors for heart problems, including blocked heart arteries. Risks linked with testosterone were similar in men with and without existing heart problems
well according to me the every drug in excess has its own effect and therefore testosterone taken in excess may have ill effect and use of testosterone should must be consulted with the doctors

The most surprising fact is that researchers are still unable to prove that testosterone is responsible for heart attack but some where i think that testosterone causes heart attack becoz it form blood clots and there fore is likely to increase blood pressure and this may be one of the possible reasons for that 

One more fact is that in India and other countries also  testosterone  is taken as enjoyment drug and it is some how more famous in younger generation moreover it is also available easily which may cause its ill effect on the young generation also 

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